Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29: In Rothera

On Tuesday the ship came down to Rothera, a British Antarctic station. The passage down was spectacular. The picture shows the "Tickle Channel", named because of its very narrow passage. It's the first time the Nathaniel B Palmer traveled this route, and it was quite exciting. As usual on the Peninsula, the landscape was breathtaking. To me the peaks looked very alpine.
In Rothera we met Ted, Erin, Ron and Terry who had flown from the ice core site via Twin Otter. We unloaded cargo and some fuel to get ready to access some of our glacier sites via Twin Otter. The ship left again at midnight, after people had taken advantage of the station's bar.
We organized gear on Wednesday and have been waiting for a flight since then. The weather is continuously bad over the glacier, so we're standing by and are enjoying the hospitality of Rothera.

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