Thursday, January 7, 2010

Goodbye Americas

We are just about 55 deg S and are about to leave South America. The picture shows Tierra del Fuego to the West. In the East we got a nice view of Islas de los Estados, an island with beautifully carved mountains, but unfortunately no glaciers are left there. Not too much is happening on the ship as we are all waiting to cross the Drake Passage first. The science will really pick up in a few days when we'll make it to the Antarctic Sound.

One of the nice things on a ship is the bird watching. It is a unique opportunity to see Albatross. Quite a few of those have been following the ship, and I even got to see the beautiful Wandering Albatross, which can reach a wing span of 3.5 m and is a master glider. In the evening we also saw several pods of porpoises who followed the ship for a while and were frolicking in the water.

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