Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15: Bellinghausen Sea

Today was quiet for us terrestrial people. The program was to wait for better weather while the marine geology team was going to get some samples of marine sediments. We had some hopes to get to Hugo Island and measure the ice thickness and accumulation rate of its tiny ice cap. But the seas were too rough for coring, so we spent the day acquiring multibeam data to map previously unknown ocean floor. Now we're heading toward Palmer Station and are at 64 deg 53' S and 64 deg 16' W.

When the seas are high, I tend to function badly at a computer screen, so I spent my day reading and watching movies, and hoping for calmer water. Now it is better again. Today's picture is actually a few days old, when two humpback whales joined us for a while and circled around the ship.

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