Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Jang Bogo Station

It's time again for a trip to the far south. This time our goal is to drill through the Nansen Iceshelf, which is a bit north of McMurdo. Together with Dale Pomraning and Ted Scambos and Ron Ross from Boulder we will install an AMIGOS station, which is a glorified weather station that also measures ocean properties below the ice. This program is in collaboration with the Korean Polar Research Institute (KOPRI). At the moment we are at the Korean station Jang Bogo. It is a brand new station, only completed in 2014. We arrived here a few days ago on the Korean icebreaker Araon after a relatively uneventful journey (that's a good thing!). In the last few days we have prepared all of our gear, which was shipped here ahead of time. Now we're ready to go drilling!

The Araon in port at Lyttleton, New Zealand

The Araon near Jang Bogo Station
Jang Bogo Station

The welcoming committee at Jang Bogo

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