Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Oceanographic moorings

As part of this project we put in several oceanographic moorings to measure various physical parameters over the next one and a half years. The moorings consist of a railroad wheel that acts as an anchor, an acoustic release, various instruments to measure things like salinity, temperature and water flow, and a big submerged buoy to avoid the ice bergs on top. Deploying such moorings in waters full of ice is quite exciting, and we're happy that it all went well. Now we hope all instruments are recording, so that at the end of the next Antarctic summer we can recover and download the instruments.

The mooring team (plus me who gave moral support)

Some nice wind clouds

Penguins on an ice berg

Putting the mooring together, as it is lowered into the ocean, piece by piece

A nice sun-lit ice berg

Detail of a highly crevassed ice berg

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