Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Master driller Dale

Dale Pomraning (here with Penn State grad student Kiya Rivermann) is our hot-water drill extraordinaire. When we came back to the main camp at PIG, the camp manager, Dean Einarsson introduced us as: “Dale Pomraning and Martin Truffer, master driller and PI”. The way he said it seemed to refer to me as master driller, so Dale's feelings were hurt. Dean corrected this the next day with an official apology, which went along the following lines:

“Dale invented drilling in 1801. Before that people were mostly just digging in the sand with their bare hands. Since then he has been involved in many projects. Some of you might be familiar with Old Faithful? Since 1973, he has continuously drilled in Antarctica. He is the master driller for the PIG project. Martin does not know anything about drilling and mostly just stands around.”

Dale accepted the apology.


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