Sunday, November 7, 2010

In Rothera

We're in Rothera now, a research station of about 50 people run by the British Antarctic Survey. The 5 hour trip was mostly above clouds and unremarkable, except for the lack of cabin heat. The first view of the Peninsula came only shortly before touchdown. It also revealed many layers of lenticular (lens-shaped) clouds, a reminder of the windy conditions we can expect in the field.
We were in Rothera last February, late in the Antarctic summer. It looks different now with more than 1 m of snow. The icebergs and seals add a nice touch to the scenery. Now we're getting ready to catch the first opportunity of a weather window.
The picture below shows the Dash 7 after the arrival from Punta Arenas. The same type of airplane is also used all over Greenland for passenger travel, so I was quite used to it.

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